Frequently Asked Questions

We would welcome the opportunity to schedule a free consultation with you to discuss your specific needs.  In the meantime, you may find valuable information in the  following Q & A list.

Q: What are the fees associated with an estate sale? 

A: We conduct estate sales based on a straight commission. When quoting our commission rate we will take into account the perceived value of the estate, as well as the estimated labor necessary to set up and produce a clean and quality estate sale. Typical commission rates range from 25-35%. In the rare instance where commercial trash removal is necessary, additional charges may apply.

Q: How far in advance should I contact an estate sale agent?

A: Estate sales are often scheduled several weeks, if not months, in advance. If you are considering an estate sale, you will want to meet with a professional asap so they can determine how much time will be required to prepare, stage and conduct your sale. Even if you are not quite ready to schedule the sale, the agent will have enough information about your particular estate to provide a necessary timeline.

Q: How should I prepare for meeting with an estate sale agent?

A: Before an initial meeting with an estate sale agent, decisions should be made as to what you may be keeping and what you intend to sell. Because the commission rate is quoted on the estate as presented, it is important for the agent to have a clear understanding of which items will be marketed for sale. Keep in mind that significant additions or subtractions of inventory after the initial meeting may affect the commission rate.

Q: Do you provide a written contract?

A: Yes, a written agreement signed by both parties must be in place prior to beginning set-up for any sale. Our contract details all aspects of set-up, conduct and clean-up, as well as pricing, security, payment and all other business pertaining to your estate sale. A copy of our contract may be obtained by request.

Q: How is pricing determined for my things?

A: Pricing for typical items is generally determined by establishing fair market value. Proper research is conducted when determining values for finer furnishings, fine art & collectibles, fine jewelry and vehicles. We employ industry appraisal methodology as obtained through education from International Society of Appraisers. Our experience and education provide us with the tools required to determine fair and advantageous pricing. When necessary, appraisals by third party will be secured.