Estate Sale Services



DEMING ESTATE SALES conducts estate sales and moving sales, employing specific guidelines proven to achieve optimum sales results. Our service includes:

•    Assess your home and contents
•    Set up and "stage" your home
•    Polish, organize, inventory and tag sale items for best marketability
•    Advertise in local papers and on estate sale websites
•    Advertise via extensive buyer email list
•    Capture drive-by buyers with eye-catching signage
•    Conduct 1 or 2-day sale with professional salespersons
•    Complete broom-sweep cleaning of home after sale, including trash removal
•   Negotiate sale of unsold items via dealer or auction. Donate remaining household items to local      charity in your name
•    Present sale summary, inventory record and prompt payment


Deming Estate Sales is proficient in de-cluttering and sorting through large volumes of accumulated assets and personal property. To assist banks, realtors, attorneys, executors or relatives, we are efficient in sifting thru years of accumulated paperwork and legal documents, ie. wills, titles, deeds, as well as removal of unwanted items and complete clean-out and market preparation.

Our professional clean-out services include:

•    Document or memorabilia search
•    Separating items of value
•    Donation of unwanted, usable items
•    Debris and trash removal
•    Clean and sweep

Deming Estate Sales will work quickly and efficiently to assure your property is market ready in a timely manner. Contact us today for a consultation or quotation.

What Our Clients Say

"We highly recommend Claudia Deming Estate Sales... you could not be in better hands". - PZ, Sarasota

"I was truly impressed with Claudia and her crew for their professionalism, knowledge and friendliness, and highly recommend them to everyone. Claudia, thank you again for all your help." `PP, Holmes Beach